Donation interface to reward tutorial authors

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Donation interface to reward tutorial authors

This feature is designed to enhance the attractivity of content writing on the platform ZdS As for now, cannot recieve any reward for their work apart from "Thank You" notes and private messages.

With this feature, we will be able to provide better interactions between readers and authors. Readers will be able to thank author in a more concrete way by "tipping" them through online payment services. Original link of this work :

Current situation

At the moment, when some content is published it is accessible to the public to be read. And that's all. If a reader wants to thank an author for their huge tutorial on technology X or Y, he has to write them a personnal message and ask for specific bank account details. This is not very convenient for whoever wants to simply tip an author.

Features needed

This project covers many different aspects on different levels, both human and technical. Let's sum it up!

Step 1: Background research on legality and limits

First of all, some research will have to be done to ensure that all the donation process is legal (it is ;) ) and to determine in what limits it can be done.

Then, a more practical research will be lead about the different means of payment that can be installed.

Note: Most of this work has already been pursued by one of the community members and is already summarized in the link above. However, it needs to be understood by the developer working on this project.

Step 2: Basic integration of services

When the legality is sorted out, it's time to play a little bit. Before the beginning of the GSOC a poll will be done to sort out which payment solution authors fancy the most. This list of services will then be used to be integrated in some interface on the content page.

At this step, the development would be considered a POC.

Step 3: Enhance the interface

When we know that services are working, it will be time to refine the interface to better fit the needs of the platform:

  • Integrate a sharing ratio of the tips in case of multi-authors content;
  • Integration of the donation mecanism to the "content validation process" (specifically when tips need to be shared in case of multi-authors content);
  • Designing user-friendly interface for the reader who wants to tip a content;
  • Writing a page on the "Legality and Limits" to inform authors and donators.


Technical background

Students that would be interested into this project should have some basic knowledge of:

  • Python (the project is based on Django)
  • Some knowledge of HTML
  • Be curious and willing to discover some new skills development (financial law for example)

All the development should be properly documented, both functionaly and technicaly, in order to ensure the maintenance of the functionality.

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